Our Dana Bassard stained glass

A Progressive, Alternative Catholic Community Church

Everyone is invited to share in the Eucharist - there is a place at the table for everyone.

Stained glass by Dana Boussard.

A Perspective

Our identity is that of a people on a journey. We are a faith-filled people, striving to preserve the rich traditions of our faith and to live in a community which reflects the gospel message of Jesus of Nazareth.

Our community is centered in the Eucharist and the Word of God. In this tradition, we congregate to celebrate and renew our commitment to Jesus, who we believe is present and active in our midst. Our liturgical celebrations of Word and Eucharist are rooted in the spirit of renewal of the Second Vatican Council and creation-centered spirituality. The words to our music come from psalms, scripture and people rooted in faith.

Our roots are in the Catholic tradition. We seek continually to rediscover and celebrate the best of that tradition, embracing that which enhances the development of spirituality. We affirm the gifts of all members toward full participation in the ministry and life of the Church.

In faith and enthusiasm, we seek to capture the spirit of communities of faith everywhere who seek justice and peace, and who long and work for the Kingdom or the Dream of God to be fulfilled. We wish everyone well in this effort.

Our Spirit of Peace journey began in June 1982.

Because of our belief in the Church as Community,

We choose to be a community that dances and sings in spite of tendencies to despair and cynicism.

We choose to have no superiors or inferiors among us.

We affirm the dignity and giftedness of women, men and children. We commit ourselves to a language that is inclusive and expands the image of God.

We choose to reach out beyond our limited horizons to people who are in need, and we will continue to tithe to the poor and needy.

We commit ourselves to grow in faithfulness to God, the Word, one another, and the whole human family.

We affirm our love and care for the Earth and resolve to plant seeds of life and goodness and to nurture all that is good.

We commit ourselves to working for peace and justice in our world.

We commit ourselves to living out this vision of the Church without regard for the cost.

Sunday Liturgy
10:00 am.