Ministry of Luke

We have volunteers to facilitate any needs that someone might have. This includes providing meals, visiting the sick, providing transportation and more.


Spirit of Peace gives at least 15% of its monthly income to a needy group or individual. The community decided to give most donations to people who would otherwise not have the necessary resources. You’re invited to make suggestions to the Community Council as to recipients of this donation.


We also have a contingency fund which helps community members who are in need. We have purchased plane tickets, helped with housing, given money to Missoula Medical Aid which helps out doctors go to Honduras, and more.

We also work with First Call for Help and the County Health Dept.

The Community Council is composed of members-at-large and coordinators of various programs. The consensus method is used to make decisions, and the Council tries to meet monthly or as needed.

The meetings are open to all Community members.

Family Promise

We are involved with Family Promise which provides housing in churches for families on a weekly basis. We volunteer assisting with meals, homework, etc.


In addition to tithing, Spirit of Peace purchases groceries once a month for members who prepare meals at the Poverello, an outreach facility for the homeless. Also, a retail sandwich shop makes 65 sandwiches, which Spirit of peace pays for. Every Friday, without fail, one of our members delivers them to the center. We started this in April 2009.

Spirit of Peace stained glass dove